Waking up to Swindon’s Parishes: Thursday 16th March

Waking up to Swindon’s new parish councils

What opportunities do they offer to create more positive, coherent and supportive communities?

Next Swindon Civic Voice event on Thursday 16th March (7pm at Health Hydro) will focus on the future of the newly parished areas of Swindon.

We meet in the former Dispensary Room of the Health Hydro — one of Swindon’s inspiring, (yet) secret, spaces!

A panel will consider the following topics, and polite discussion will be encouraged.

  • What has been decided already?
  • Who can stand for the new Parish Councils?
  • What time commitment might be expected?
  • How might we keep them non-partisan (or party political) and neighbourly?
  • What could be the benefits? (and what might be the downsides?)
  • What will be the difference between the new Parish Councils and

Swindon Borough Council in terms of responsibilities, options and budgets?

  • Who can you persuade to stand who will represent your neighbourhood?

Our last event considered ‘the numbers game’ by which housing developments are determined for Swindon, and much light was shed on the issue.

On the panel are Chris Watts and Roger Ogle and the chair is Martha Parry.

Martha Parry is chair of Swindon Civic Voice. Chris Watts chaired the interim South Swindon Central Parish and Roger Ogle, late of Swindon Link Magazine, is a concerned citizen!

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