Business Sponsorship proposal for Swindon Civic Day 2018

Business Sponsorship proposal for Swindon Civic Day

Civic Day 2018: Saturday June 16th

Civic Day

‘Our Conservation Area Matters’

A Sponsorship Proposal by Swindon Civic Voice 

Business Sponsorship proposal for Swindon Civic Day


The national Civic Voice organisation, of which Swindon Civic Voice is a member, are this year focusing on Our Conservation Area Matters’ as the theme for 2018’s Civic Day celebrations. There are twenty-eight Conservation Areas in Swindon.

As 2018 also marks the 70th anniversary of the NHS, and Swindon provided the key model for the NHS from premises in its GWR Railway Village (a Conservation Area), we have chosen to focus our 2018 Civic Day on this story, and this Conservation Area, by offering activities from the actual historic premises which are still in daily use though in modern guises.

The GWR Medical Fund Society was already 101 years old when the NHS took it over in 1948.  The story of the GWR Medical Fund Society and the premises it operated from — the GWR Medical Fund Hospital, and the Milton Road Baths and Medical Centre in particular – is inspirational.  It is locally and nationally significant and is one of several keys to why Swindon’s Railway Village Conservation Area matters as much as it does.

Swindon Civic Voice want to share this story with a day of events. To realise this ambition we are seeking financial contributions from Swindon’s business community.

This is your chance to be associated with highlighting Swindon’s special role and to help others understand the significance of these premises which have evolved since 1847 when the Medical Fund Society was formed.

Business Sponsorship proposal for Swindon Civic Day 2018

What’s in it for you?

Aside from the satisfaction of being associated with an inspirational community event:

  1. As a supporter, your business will be acknowledged on social media with a link to your business page and/or website – and on our website too.
  2. We will have a display board bearing contributor’s logos in the Heath Hydro (Milton Road Baths), the location for a large reception of local officials and heritage folks following the unveiling of a blue plaque.

We recognise that small businesses may not be able to offer large sums of money. Bearing that in mind, anything from a minimum of £10 is welcomed.

Contribute £50 or more and you can display your business leaflets at the event.

What will the Civic Day event offer?

  • Tours from 11.00am of the fascinating Milton Road Baths, home among other secrets of the oldest extant Victorian Turkish Bath in the world
  • Unveiling of a Blue Plaque outside the Baths’ Faringdon Road facade at 12.30pm
  • Tours of the Railway Village sites key to the 100 years evolution of Swindon’s Medical Fund Society
  • Refreshments and other multi-media displays in the Central Community Centre, the former GWR Medical Fund Hospital, from 1.00pm

For further information about business sponsorship or to make a donation contact:

Angela Atkinson

Trustee, Swindon Civic Voice


About Swindon Civic Voice

Swindon Civic Voice is a Swindon registered charity, affiliated with the national organisation ‘Civic Voice’. Find out more on our Facebook page:

Or our website:




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