Richard Wintle Virtual Talk

11th June 2020

Welcome to our first ever virtual talk – as we leap into technology, we’re super excited to have a Richard Wintle virtual talk  as our first virtual event and speaker.

On Thursday 18th June, 7.30pm start. Richard will be joining us for a Zoom chat, to share some exciting images of Swindon past and present and to talk about his books.

Richard already has one book published about his life in pictures with another coming soon. Read about his first one here on Born Again Swindonian:

About Richard’s Talk: ‘Wow, what a time to launch a book’

In his talk, Richard will summarise his first book (see link above – and image below): A picture is only the start of the story with some images from the book and the pages they’re on.

He’ll then talk about his second book. This one is under construction and bears the working title: Another picture – another story

The Second Book

Richard’s second book is centred around Lydiard House and Park and the restoration. There’s also mentions of Swindon’s museums and the Wyvern.

He says he’ll tease the audience some interesting snippets. Such as:

  • Why did two funerals and a wedding make national news but got very little local coverage?
  • How one of Richard’s snapppers got to be holding an AK47n in Albania.
  • And how Richard amazed a professor at Swindon’s Festival of Literature with some old pictures.


He’ll show us why, in some exclusive image,  Swindon’s twin town, Salzgitter, found itself in the centre of a major political event. AND:

Why two elderly gentlemen sat down to discuss Z-Cars and a New York ballet star in Aldbourne?

And of course, Richard’s talk will show technical snippets of the agency’s and photography’s history.

Oh – and there’ll be some Royals too. #obvs

Richard Wintle first book

Richard Wintle first book

Richard Wintle second book

Richard Wintle second book


How do we join you for this talk?

We’re running a Zoom session for Richard’s talk, but due to security etc, we can only release the link for the Zoom session, to members of Swindon Civic Voice.

What’s Zoom? Zoom is a video conferencing, web conferencing platform, check it out here

You’ll need to join/sign up to enable you to access our talk with Richard.

Note though that we hope to do other virtual events while ever we need to – could be a long while yet. So, pay once and then you can access anything else we do.

Am I a paid member and if not, how do I renew?

 If we sent you an email in April 2020, asking you to renew, and you haven’t done so, then you can renew your membership (£6) via a bank transfer. 

Mmm, I’m still not sure if I’m a member with you? Not a worry. Pop an email to and Jo our membership secretary will let you know.

How much are you charging for Richard’s talk?

Aside from your SCV membership, nothing at all. And do bear in mind that we may get one or two more virtual events organised over the summer – so once you’ve paid membership of SCV you’ll have free access to those too.

Do you intend to join us for Richard’s talk?

If you do and you’ve got your membership sorted out, send an email to to let us know to expect you online.

When will you send the Zoom link to us?

We’ll send you a link for Richard’s talk on Wednesday 17th June 2020, and the email will come from

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