Swindon HAZ Needs Your Photos

Swindon Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) – share your family photos on the Know Your Place website

The Swindon HAZ needs your photos to populate the Know Your Place website.

Swindon HAZ needs your photos

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Do you live in the Railway Village or have you or your family lived there in the past?

If you’ve been doing any furtling during lockdown and you’ve across any old photos, you might have just what the HAZ is looking for.

  • Do you live in the Railway Village now? Or have your family lived there in the past?
  • Have you got any family photos taken in or around the Railway Village?
  • Might you have some old photos found during a lockdown-inspired clearout?

Hoping to increase understanding

he Swindon Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) is keen to increase our understanding of Swindon’s railway history and time engage local people.

The Know Your Place website at http://www.kypwest.org.uk/ can help us do both.  This fantastic website hosts a huge range of heritage data including maps from different ages which reveal how an area has changed over time.

It has a dedicated Community Layer. You can submit your own images to this and help to build a rich and diverse community map of local heritage for everyone to see.

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How to see the Railway Village on the website

Go to: https://maps.bristol.gov.uk/kyp/?edition=wilts&layer=Community%20layer&x=414650.97&y=184830.79&extent=143.37

Each image is marked in its correct location on the map by a green square which you ‘click’ on to see the image.

We’d like you to help add to the collection by emailing your photos to Karen Phimister (the Heritage Action Zone project officer) at: kphimister@swindon.gov.uk

What you have to do

You can either:

  1. scan your photo(s)
  2. or take a photo of the photo with your phone.

But for copyright reasons they must be your photos.

In your email can you tell us:

  1. Where the photo is and the date if possible
  2. who/what it’s of (eg a building or people or an event). 

Please state whether you want your name and/or contact details recorded against your photo on the website or not.

We’re interested in photos of any age, right up to the present day, taken anywhere around the Railway Village, including the public buildings and spaces such as the Health Hydro or GWR Park.

Local Studies at the Central Library

The Local Studies collection at the Central Library is always adding to its amazing collection of on-line photos of Swindon.  You can see them at www.flickr.com/swindonlocal.

You can donate any unwanted photos of Swindon to Local Studies by emailing them at: localstudies@swindon.gov.uk.

Why it matters

Your photos will provide vital local evidence to support the research element of the Swindon Heritage Action Zone (HAZ).

The HAZ is a partnership between Swindon Borough Council and Historic England. Over the next four years the HAZ will seek to revitalise the Railway Village and to engage local people in Swindon’s railway heritage.

To find out more visit: https://www.swindon.gov.uk/info/20030/planning_and_regeneration/1016/the_swindon_heritage_action_zone

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