Swindon Issues

Over the years Swindon Civic Voice has, well,  voiced – its opinion on a number of issues in Swindon. Planning issues being a big part of what we’re involved in.

Examples of these are:

  • Croft School
  • Pentyands
  • Housing proposals at Coate
  • Old Town Hall (Locarno)
  • Regent Circus College Site
  • The Mechanics’ Institution
  • Tadpole Farm
  • Potential for university in Swindon
  • The tented market

We’re aware though that we’ve not been so good at communicating what we have done and what we’re doing now.

To that end we’ve put a section on the website to record and share our activity:

It’s not well populated at the moment but it’s our intention to change that so do keep an eye on it.