volunteer with Swindon Civic Voice

Can you spare some time to work with us?

At the moment we’ve got the main prescribed committee roles filled – treasurer, membership secretary etc. But we could use some more support.

volunteer with swindon civic voice


We could really use:

A. Someone to help us get events organised. We’re hoping to put together a talks programme in the autumn. Someone to take that on would be great!

B.At least one – and preferably two more committee members without prescribed roles to pick up on stuff that comes up. That says it as well as anything.

We are also always looking for people to help with events, phone research, paperwork and the many other tasks that Swindon Civic Voice undertakes.

If you would like to volunteer with us please get in touch via the contact page [here]

Note: You will need to join Civic Voice as a member. Membership information here.